About us - The making of the Luxe Blender

Creator, Founder, Packaging & Product Designer, Director, Boss, Editor, Photographer, Videographer, Marketer, Planner, Researcher, Web designer, Writer, Advertiser, Tester, Makeup artist. I’ve held many titles over the past couple of years, and with some help from the professionals to bring my visions to life, we're here!

Thanks for stopping by, my names Abbie & I'm the founder of Luxe Blender, a Luxury cruently free makeup tools brand based in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. I'm a makeup artist with my own multi award winning makeup studio. Luxe Beauty. 

Creating a brand and bringing a product to market certainly isn't a quick and easy task, and has had plenty of ups and downs along the way. In fact, blood sweat and tears and a complete rollercoster journey comes to mind, but creating my own makeup tools brand is something that im so proud to have achieved.

As a professional makeup artist I found a gap in the market for a makeup sponge that was durable to be using day in, day out on clients without having to replace it every few weeks, performed well, and importantly, didnt soak away all of my expensive products! I found other brands still and uncomfortable to use, and overall, I just didnt love a makeup sponge on the market at all, so I made it my mission to bring the perfect blender to the market. One that would give flawless, effortless, makeup artist standard results to anyone at home.

Then came months and months of researching, planning, the hundereds of emails, phonecalls, making lists of requirements, benefits and sketches. I found myself a few factories, sent over my designs and requirements and started the trialing process.

I designed my packaging from scratch myself, and had the help on an amazing designer bring it all to life. I directed my own promotional video shoot and had my amazing staff model (they smashed it of course!)

There were many bumps along the way, but that just makes me appreciate the results so much more.

We've had the brand featured by amazing influencers such as Gemma Louise Miles, and Georgia Portogallo who love their Luxe Blenders, and been featured in "Anything goes lifestyle" magazine and many blogs. We have many salons stocking the brand, and ship products all across the UK.

The Luxe Blender reviews are incredible, and customers and makeup professionals alike are amazed at the results that the blender gives along with the ease of use, practicallity, and long list of other incredible benefits.

At the time of writing this, I have many more plans in progress and lots of new launches coming soon. This truly is going to be the biggest and most exciting year for Luxe Blender, you've not seen the half of it yet.

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you love your purchases, I've worked so hard to make sure they're just perfect for you! 


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