How to clean your Luxe Blender makeup sponge & Luxe Blender Brushes

We hear this question time and time again, so I'm here to let you know the best tried and tested ways to clean your Luxe Blender makeup sponges.

As a professional makeup artists with a team, we get through lots of Luxe blender sponges on a weekly basis. Its extremely important that our tools are sanitary, and hygeinic due to using them on lots of different faces.

Keeping them hygeinic and maintained will also mean your blender may last for longer, as well as minimising bacteria thats potentially transferred onto your skin, so here's my top tip to keep them in check.

I actually wash all of our Luxe Blenders in the washing machine! Yes you heard right, it really is as simple as that. 

Throw all of your Luxe Blender sponges into the washing machine, on a 60 degree 60 minute wash with your usual washing detergent ( I use a washing gel in the drum) and a cap full of zoflora or other disinfectant in the draw. Not only will all of your blenders come out looking absolutely perfectly spotless, but they will also by hygeinic and smell incredible!

When they come out of the wash, lay them on a towel, or in a holder that allows air to flow through on the window sill to dry.

It very important that you don't ever put a blender away into a draw or makeup bag if its still damp from washing, or using last, as this is when bacteria and nasties can grow. Keep them out in the open to fully air dry through, and ready to use again the next day.


"But I dont have enough blenders to wash to warrent putting a while wash on."

We hear this a lot too, but dont worry, if you only have one or 2 blenders to wash, you may want to put them into the wash with similar colour towels, or other items that you wash on a 60 degree wash.


We also have the perfect answer for how to clean your blenders in between putting them into the washing machine for a deep clean, and something that takes much less time too!

Our Luxe Blender Brush and sponge cleaner is a solid cleaner that effectively cleans your tools, and can be done in minutes at your sink, allowing you to use your blender again straight away! How's that for convenience hey?

Simply wet the soap and your brush or sponge, swirl it around in the cleaner to create bubbles and rinse away that makeup and dirt. 



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