Our Hero Product - Luxe Blender

I know only too well, that different brands of blenders are renowned for not lasting, becoming unhygienic, being hard and uncomfortable to use, and soaking up product causing more expense.

I have ensured the Luxe Blenders are made from a tear resistant material, ensuring they’re long lasting, and suitable for at home use, as well as professionally on set, for shoots, bridal makeup and in salons for occasion makeup appointments.

We promote hygeine always, and have an easy and effective way that we recommend to clean the Luxe Blender to make sure that you get extensive use and value for money. Having a few blenders works perfectly in fast paced professional environments where hygeine is key, allowing your clients to visually see that a clean and hygienic tool is being used on them everytime.

The Luxe blender is super soft and bouncy, allowing for a comfortable as well as flawless application, reaching those more awkward areas with the special design, featuring a pointed end as well as a flat edge, to allow you to Build, Blend & Bake with ease.

The Luxe Blenders also features an anti product absorption technology, meaning that your expensive foundation wont be wasted. The cell structure inside the blender is designed to soak up the water, and hold onto this, meaning it will not soak away your makeup, and instead, focus on blending that onto your skin! Pretty impressive hey?

~ Latex Free & Super soft and bouncy

~ Doubles in size when wet, helping with ease of application

~ Builds and blends foundation flawlessly & effortlessly. 

- Multi Use, can be used with liquid ,cream and powder products

- Antibacterial & excellent long wearing properties


With its maximum absorption, it allows the blender to focus on blending your foundation, instead of soaking up your product, whilst also eliminating those annoying brush line streaks.

They're hygienic, & can be washed easily In the washing machine

The angles aid in the application process, enabling it to be used for contouring & baking due to the sharp lines 

of the flat edge,  as well as foundation and concealer blending, at a fraction of the price of other brands!

Bringing you LUXE quality, long lasting & effective multi use blenders, to Build, Blend & Bake.

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